Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Countdown to the Cesarean

Squirrel is a breech baby and we are having a Cesarean on Friday. This is not what we planned ~ see already the little nipper is having it his or her own way!

I've found this really hard to come to terms with and still have the odd outpouring of tears. There's so much to read about it all out there, both scary and reassuring, yet when you're actually in the hospital being told your options it all seems so clinical and quick and you're in shock more than anything so making decisions there and then is a hard thing to do.

I read lots of stuff about how to make baby turn, indeed I was already doing quite a lot of them. One friend said baby won't turn unless you want it to turn, but I don't agree. I really did want Squirrel to turn and asked kindly too, but I don't think there was any room left at 38 weeks or desire to ~ he or she much prefers sitting upright looking out through the belly button window I think!

At the end of the day though we understand that making sure Squirrel enters the world safely is our top priority and it doesn't really matter how we get him or her here. It probably knows best too and doesn't want to put me through the pain of childbirth, especially with a history of difficulties in my family. I think I was concentrating more on the birth beforehand anyway and now am focussed on the time afterwards!

My gorgeous friend that I still haven't thought of a suitable pretend name for yet came around and helped me get organised sorting out all the different bags of baby clothes I'd been given and arranging the space for baby practically - it made such a huge difference in such a short space of time and everyone that's visited since has noticed how fresh the energy is and clear the areas. Friends like that are invaluable. They just know, they come over and DO stuff. (Picture of the book shelf we removed books from to make a space for baby things, with a changing area too).

Tomorrow is our last day before baby Squirrel arrives, so we are going to spend it together, talking about everything, doing very little, perhaps a nice long lie in, breakfast in bed, a trip to the cinema or theatre or a museum. That's what I'm hoping for, I'm sure though that Jam will want to continue doing all the things that need finishing around the boat ~ I'm trying to persuade him otherwise, saying Squirrel won't notice if the back steps are finished or not, but I do understand that he doesn't want to be doing it further down the line. It's very stressful for him right now and he is worrying about everything. I know though that once baby arrives, our hearts will melt and we will not want to do anything else but gaze adoringly at this little miracle we've created.

Only two more sleeps!!


  1. Good luck!

    My best friend had exactly the same thing just a couple of weeks ago, but now has a very happy and healthy 2 week old baby and found the cesarian nowhere near as terrifying as she thought she would. She said she just told herself over and over how lucky she was to know exactly when she was going to meet her little bundle.

  2. How incredibly exciting! It must be amazing knowing that you are soon going to meet that brand new person. Good luck Flora and I look forward to reading about Squirrel when he/she has arrived x

  3. Our daughter was born by emergency cesarean nearly 11 years ago. It all sounds very terrifing, but honestly it's not. Just make sure you completely rest afterwards, taking time to bond with your new little one.
    Will be thinking about you Friday. Can't wait to hear all about your son/daughter!!
    Good luck and congratulations xxx

  4. Lots and lots of love to you three!



  5. Squeak! Thinking of you and sending you a massive bundle of love and I just KNOW you will be absolutely fine. Big big love x x x

  6. I have been thinking of you a lot recently, and I hope it all goes well today.
    I had little L by emergency c-section. If I ever was to have another one, I'd go for a booked Caesarean from the start.
    You'll see, everything will be fine and in the end it doesn't matter how your little one found its entrance into this world. It's going to be wonderful to hold her/him for the first time, and nothing is going to change that.
    All the best, and please keep us posted. x MM