Thursday, 27 August 2009

Someone please smile at her

It's windy. I'm sitting on my neighbour's boat because the internet is down on my boat. The windows are open as my husband cuts tiles and fixes the shower unit; that tile cutting machine smells.
There's a woman walking along the other side of the mooring talking to herself, although I suspect there is someone giving it what for on the end of the wire stuck in her ear for there are loud comments followed by quiet patches. It's a very bizarre conversation and strangely enough not a particularly interesting one, they never usually are. Sometimes though there's shouting and swearing and the odd punch which can be really exciting. This woman has been rabbiting on for hours. It's boring, and loud. Can't she just turn the phone off and walk along the canal and take in the nature and beauty that's all around her and let it slowly breathe away the anger inside her? That would be so much better for all of us. Too easy though to shout and stamp along, oblivious to other people's thoughts and moments.
Can't someone just smile at her? I know they're contagious! :)