Sunday, 13 June 2010

The kindness of other bloggers

I was so overjoyed to read this post by a fellow blogger on her blog Edible Glitter, a lovely looking, exciting and diversely filled blog, which I love dipping into! I was shocked, surprised, then overcome with gratitude that still makes me smile now ~ it's amazing how kind people can be, saying such lovely things ~ and I've not been blogging regularly for very long and I didn't even know she had written it, I just found it whilst looking at her blog!

My darling friend LLG linked to me in her fantastic blog encouraging me to get on with the regular blogging and despite going into a slight panic at the thought of people reading what I'm writing I've overcome that now I think and am actually enjoying it.

It's incredible to think that we've been using the internet for years and yet it's still quite new and exciting, lots of things to explore, learning every day, ~ I guess it's similar to 'about to become a Mum', you hang out with friend's children or your siblings forever and never think you're actually going to do it yourself, then suddenly there's a whole new world of nappies, sick and baby classes to explore. Maybe that's not such a great simile, equating the excitement of writing a blog to having a baby, but most people DO think of their blogs as their babies, the above two ladies included, and why not? I'm beginning to get the bug, in fact I feel like I'll be looking after two babies soon enough! Bring it on! I can see it now, nappies on the laptop, posting pictures on to the baby... ;)

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