Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Joy of Gardening!

There's something so satisfying about gardening!

After the weekend of DIY we had a spare day and Jam and I decided to do something about the mooring and cleared up some of the ivy that just goes mental strangling all the trees and bushes.

We brought over the logs from the old log pile that had once held up the shed that Polly had put up when she'd sold her boat, to put her stuff in, which BW then made her take down saying it was an obstruction to navigation, strange that for it wasn't anywhere near the water but that's a different story, and so we made a lovely looking woodery.

We planted some flowers that we'd bought at a car boot sale, mainly marigolds and little blue daisies, I forget their real name now.

I incorporated my trophies for darts and go-kart racing. Yes I have a trophy for playing 'arrows' ~ after my degree I lived above a pub in the East End and was roped in to playing arrows for the team, we did really well, considering you had to drink your body fluid capacity in vodka and orange at each match. I could barely see the board let alone hit it! I actually got sent home once at an away match for missing the board and shooting an arrow through someone's foot ~ didn't they realise I was a liability with a drink inside me?

There's also a section of home-grown salad and herbs in the woodery as well, a lovely climbing rose, some seating and a little bit of a rockery trail. Not bad for a day's work!

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