Thursday, 24 June 2010

I just want some sleep...zzz

I'm waking up tired, too tired to go to work!
I just want some sleep!
I want to sleep on my stomach and stretch out
without cramp setting into my calves.
I want to roll over and over and not ache in strange places.
I want to cuddle in to you and feel the warmth of your back
Wrap my legs around yours and nuzzle into your neck.
I want to jump out of bed feeling refreshed
And not have to get up four times to pee
I just want to sleep and wake up as me!


  1. I love your poem and I remember that feeling very well. I am not sure I ever woke up as the same me again though - the change is fundamental! In time normality recreates itself but my former self is gone and normal is not the same as it was. Getting your body back to yourself is wonderful though, yes, turning over without the aid of a winch is lovely.xxxx

  2. I love you! Wee blog award for you over at LLG.

    Bisous LLGx