Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A tasty dish!

Mmmm, last night I was hungy and really fancied spinach and ricotta something or other, I didn't quite know what was in the cupboards... 

So I had some spinach, ricotta, a red onion and some cannelloni.  I decided to make a dish. 

I gently fried some chopped up red onion in a knob of butter, then added the spinach until it wilted, then I let it cool before adding the ricotta and giving it a good mix.  Added some allspice and mixed herbs (I was looking for nutmeg but didn't have any, so allspice had to do.)  Then I stuffed the mixture into the cannelloni tubes (that part was so much fun!), placed them in an oblong casserole dish, then looked for the tin of tomatoes I was sure I had in the bottom of the cupboard - to no avail, all I could find were 3 tins of coconut milk and 2 tins of baked beans.... Hmmm.

So I took a tin of baked beans and mixed them up with some chopped up vine tomatoes lurking in the bottom of the fridge, then made up a quick white sauce - melted butter, added cornflour then milk, poured it on top, finished off with grated cheese and then baked in the Aga for half an hour or so, whilst I manically moved around all the shelves and boxes on the boat to make more homely and locate Jam's music boxes he needed.

Ahhh, that felt good, and when I tried the dish, I was pleasantly surprised, the beans gave it a creamy rich texture and wasn't so full on as tomatoes would have been.  Jam has just called me to thank me for his really tasty lunch (said dish) which he's tucking into now, and in fact, there's enough left over for my lunch too! Hoorah!


  1. You, my darling, are a tasty dish. This I am not so sure! Baked beans! Hmmmmm....

    Miss you my darling LLGxx

  2. Well, somebody has to deal with the other end of the market! And when you're hungry and in my condition, you'd eat anything!! Love you!! xx