Monday, 3 May 2010

Happy Anniversary!

To me and Jam!  One year! Well one year and one day.  We celebrated by lying in bed, listening to the rain on the roof ~ you really can't beat the sound of rain on the roof of a boat, it makes it all snuggly and warm inside and when you look out of the window the water is alive with all the drops, sometimes making big bubbles across the whole surface so it looks like you're floating in a big cauldron of hot chocolate with loads of marshmallow pieces on top - that being the beautiful white cherry blossom blown down by the wind.  The whole place is covered in cherry blossom ~ we were going to attempt to finish painting the boat next door but with the rain and blossom it's a losing battle, so it made sense to do absolutely nothing for a change!

Jam brought me breakfast in bed, in two stages ~ the first was fruit and cherry yoghurt with hundreds and thousands, snowflakes and big silver candy hearts and blackberry tea.  The second was boiled eggs with soldiers and he'd tried to write happy anniversary on the toast but could only fit in 'happy' so we had happy toast, happy eggs and we were truly happy!

We snoozed some more, Jam found the third part to a new tune he's been making up on his guitar, I got a lot further with the Squirrel I'm knitting for Squirrel, (tummy name of our baby!) and our neighbour brought up the hand-made crib he'd made for his first grandson for us to borrow.  It is beautiful, made of oak, with silver plaques for each baby's name that 's slept in it, we feel truly blessed.  Hard to believe that this time last year we were all dressed up in silly fancy dress costumes with over 300 of our friends and family skipping through a field of bluebells, playing sack races and welly wanging, down on the grandparents' farm with beautiful weather, fabulous food, funky bands, a juggler, a roaring fire, jokes and music and sleeping in a love tipi ~ not a drop of rain in sight, yes truly blessed with wonderful memories, crazy loving families and fabulous friends.


  1. YAY! Happy anniversary darlings! Miss you, LLGxx

  2. Hello from above the canal - down the "road" from you in Battle Bridge Basin. I look down on about 40 barges from my industraial loft & sometimes tweet about them. Esp the goose nesting on one! Very must enjoy hearing what life's like within a barge. Oh, and happy anniversary! vonStrunckel (twitter name)

  3. Happy Happy Happy! : - ) x x x