Thursday, 12 August 2010

Baby Gazing

Please forgive my absence, I'm rather busy you see,
Not busy writing, reading, or watching lots of telly,
We don't even have one of them on board, what a waste of space,
I'm just happily sitting here ~ gazing ~ at my baby's beautiful face.

The perfectly formed fingers, delicate and long,
Made for the piano, time for Rowan's song.
The sweet dimple in his chin, just like his Dad's,
And cracking side-burns that Jam wishes he had!

Gentle purrs of pleasure as he suckles on my breast
Losing track of the days in this idyllic love nest.
Rolling eyes and a beautiful smile,
I know it's only wind but let me play for a while.

Auburn head of hair that curls when slightly wet,
Ancestral colours lest we should forget,
Deep blue eyes, will they stay or change to green?
Shh, he's gently sleeping now ~ blissfully serene.

I'm in another world and don't ever want to wake
The joy I now behold can make grown men shake,
Whatever did I do before this miracle came?
Who cares, life's amazing and will never be the same!

Picture taken by Anna Deacon, eagerly awaiting the rest of the set ~ she's a fabulous photographer! my link button missing for some reason and baby is waking, so had better post this now!!


  1. All the worlds kisses be on the Burrow heads and for the little one Rowan, a sloppy one instead! Love stinky uncle rich

  2. Oh sis,that's so beautiful. A crying tears of happiness for you. Sending you all so much love x x

  3. Did you get my comment?! I can't see it. Am so happy for you sis, what a beautiful love bubble you are all in..just divine! x x x

  4. He's gorgeous. You both are. Enjoy your babymoon! MMxx