Monday, 12 April 2010

A Family of Soft Towels

The other morning I was up before Jam, reading one of my numerous pregnancy and birth books, curled up on the sofa.  I somehow managed to get myself worked up into a bit of a tizzy by reading the page on stillbirth, followed by the page on sudden birth.  Jam heard me sniffle and came in to catch me bursting into tears ~ wooooh there honey what's the matter? How long have you been crying alone for? ~ I had to gulp back the tears and a little giggle came out as I sobbed ~ I've been reading this book and... and... you have to read all this and know what to do and... and... we... we... haven't got any clean soft towels, all our towels are...are... hard and old...sob... giggle...sob, Jam coos calmly that we've plenty of time to buy some more towels and everything will be fine.

So the next day I take a day-trip to Birmingham where my Aunty K lives and Mum is staying there for a week with them and it seemed like the perfect chance to see my Mum without having to make the huge journey to Devon.  So imagine my surprise when Aunty K gives me a bag with a big soft blue towel and a child's giraffe beach towel in it!  I told them my story about sobbing on the sofa and we all laughed, I think my Mum cried a little too, what with all the excitement of seeing me pregnant as well!

Now this part is where my family are magically connected.  I came home from work today and there was a huge parcel waiting for me from my gorgeous sister Oli who's residing down under.  In it were two huge soft John Rocha organic red towels, two huge soft white towels and a baby yellow towel with a duck on the hooded corner and a little mitten too!  So now, we are the proud owners of red, white and blue towels and two baby towels and I can use all the old hard towels as covers for the new sofa, so that whatever comes out of baby Squirrel doesn't stain it!!  Nice!

I've never owned really good quality organic cotton towels, I somehow feel all grown up and posh! Life is changing ~ it starts with a towel!!


  1. Squeak! Glad you got the towels and glad they have others to make them into one big happy family of towels, yay! : -)x x

  2. Life is a funny thing RA! I never had any towels, and when my mum came to visit me I handed her a bathmat to dry with! (she bought her own after that). Now I can't all our towels in the cupboards!!! I keep my softest most organic ones for when you and Jam come and visit though! erm. when is that? x