Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A double edged sword

I'd like to say that it's good news that we haven't had any trouble from the kids recently, but the reason being is a very sad one indeed.

A young man, aged 20 was killed outside the pub around the corner the other night.  The canal has been cordoned off and the roads around us.  The pile of flowers tributed along with a bike, T-shirt, candles etc. are piling up around a lamp-post near the pub.  There is a sadness in the air and all the land across the way has been hacked down as the police look for the murder weapon, they even had a team of divers searching the canal yesterday.

We didn't know the man but apparently he'd just come out of prison and was having his first drink in the pub, there was a dispute between two gangs, he was stabbed to death with a broken golf club outside the pub, died not long after at the hospital, he had led the memorial service for another murder victim not long before, which just highlights how sad it is that this has to happen and keeps happening in this area. Not only does it affect the families and friends involved, but the whole neighbourhood suffers, even the wildlife!

I cannot understand the mentality behind it all, why kids these days have to be in gangs with knives and weapons and kill each other.  I guess now that I am having one of my own it makes me want to understand even more and try to do something to stop it.  I was actually meeting my 20 year old brother, who was coming up from Devon to stay with us for a week as the murder took place, I had to give him other directions because the road had just been cordoned off, I thought something had happened to him at first, it was a terrible feeling and a really great welcome for him - hey brother good to see you, welcome to London, murder city, watch your back!

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