Monday, 1 February 2010

I'm being followed...

Gosh, all new to this part of the blog where people actually read you! My dear friend LLG ( has tweeted about me and I must admit I feel quite naked!! I will get my head around adding photos and posting links and being regular and understanding all the jargon I promise!

Right now I'm surrounded by boxes and bags of things from the other boat and can't see my computer with my photos on - or is that an excuse to just use Jam's fast laptop and delay the inevitable sorting?

I'm exhausted and excited and ever so slightly amused as Jam is cooking and can't seem to find anything 'I know there's a spice drawer around here' as he scratches his beard looking perplexed and hungry. Dinner may be a while, we're still getting used to the Heritage stove as well...


  1. You're lovely

    Don't know how to become a follower just yet ...internet's going odd on me.

    Keep it up


  2. Actually, this is Kieran and Tania's little part of the world,
    they'll do what they can to get to grips with all this blogging malarchy x