Sunday, 7 February 2010

I feel so old!

I feel so old, the other night, our lovely new neighbour Paddy had some friends over from Ireland and I was woken at 2.30am by loud storytelling and raucous laughter. I tried to ignore it and let them get on with it, I mean it was Friday night, it's the first time we've been woken up by him but every time I dropped off again the laughter would pierce through and I'd be bolt upright again, wondering if I should say anything.  It woke Jam up as well, and in the end I decided to don my dressing gown and pop out to ask them to be quiet. 

The chap doing all the talking didn't hear my very polite English requests until I was screaming - Oi EXCUSE ME MATE at the top of my lungs, surely waking up all the neighbours in the block of flats above us.  When he did see me, he didn't seem to understand me and mumbled something, then went back inside the boat.  A few minutes later I receive a text from Paddy soooo apologetic, I reply that it's absolutely fine and it was 'just yer man with the loud voice' but it's no problem really.  He promised to keep them quiet and texted again apologising profusely the next day. 

I felt bad myself for spoiling their fun and being such a kill-joy, and jested with him saying actually he needed to try harder next time and I was quite disappointed in his party efforts.  He laughed a lot at this and this afternoon I saw him walking down the road with a few friends and a plastic cup with a G&T in it.  He asked if they'd woken us up last night, but I'd been out for the count and Jam had stayed out partying with his sister and brother-in-law, so I told him he obviously hadn't been trying hard enough but tonight could be a better effort if he's starting so early. 

It did make me feel so old.  Especially because I'd had to come home early from the bowling night for Jam's sister's birthday and he'd gone on to party all night with them.  I did have to work today though and I am 16 weeks pregnant, really it's the perfect excuse isn't it - a friend said to me, honey you built up enough credit before you were pregnant to stay in every night, so don't worry - yes, I must remember that and maybe then I won't feel so old!

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  1. Oh Flo...I so know what you mean! I felt like that when I was constantly yelling at my neighbours to shut up...didn't they know I had to get up and work the next rude!
    But you are perfectly entitled to not be in party are 2.4 years older than me and have been partying quite hard from quite a young age...! : -) Enjoy the rest lovely one....and keep up the blogs!
    Oli x x x x