Monday, 27 October 2008

A recipe for Love!

I've spent the day cleaning the boat ~ as my sister said this morning, as we Skyped away, 'cleanliness is next to godliness', something our mother used to say when we were little. Not that I'm feeling godly at all now, I'm just full and happy, having made a hearty stew with the vegetables I bought back from a show I was working at over the weekend. I was opposite trestle tables full of prize winning leeks, pumpkins, carrots, flower arrangements ~ technicolour bliss to the eyes it was and I would have been silly not to bring some home to sample. I even managed to carry a beautiful big yellow chrysanthemum which is on the top of the boat now and I'm hoping the squirrels don't decide to eat it in the morning.
My love had been out all day and so I prepared this stew: ~

One hugely ginormous leek
few cloves of garlic
three carrots
half a swede
pearl barley ~ had to boil it up, wash it, simmer for 1hr 15mins

some slices of german salami, various varieties and nan bread.

Yum yum!

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