Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Boat life

Living on a boat is quite an unusual way to live really. Most people are really excited when you tell them and have lots of questions, like, is it cold?
It started snowing last night and the ground was covered in a white crispy frost by the morning. It was breath-takingly beautiful and you could see your breath being taken away. Once you are up though and dressed in lots of colourful layers and running around gathering twigs and coal for the fire you soon warm up! Now it's deliciously toasty and is starting to feel like the cold nights are drawing in. Nearly all the leaves have fallen, a techni-coloured dreamcoat for the mooring birds to peck away at.
There's one particular duck that makes me laugh every morning. She has a really funny quack, just like she's laughing at something ridiculous. Everytime I try to record it though, she of course doesn't laugh, but maybe one day I'll capture it, it guarantees a giggle and always a response in unison from us boat-dwellers!
It's half-term at the moment so all the kids that usually just hang out on Friday and Saturday nights throwing stones, rocks, beer bottles, cans and not least huge amounts of raucous abuse are out in force. They really are the only downside to living here. It's not just us that are annoyed by them though, all local residents nearby seem to be lodging complaints, so soon enough they'll be moved on - hopefully before they break another window for that is a job and a half to fix on a boat!
I've made some swede, carrot and sweet potato mash, fried red onions, beetroot, garlic, ginger and leek and lightly grilled some tuna fish for supper, which is going to be enjoyed very soon...

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