Monday, 8 March 2010

What a lovely weekend!

With such beautiful weather finally blessing our souls it's hard not to feel excited about being on the canal for another summer.  There's something so special about waking up in the morning to the sounds of the birds and the ducks and watching the reflection of the rippling water being cast across the walls of the boat.  To be able to step out of the boat into the sunshine and embrace the day with a big hoot to the heavens is bliss! 

Breakfast off the back of the boat, well actually not yet, it was still a bit chilly and there was in fact ice on half of the canal!  Crazy!  Crocuses popping their sunshine heads up above the frost in amongst the ivy is a wonderful sight.  New green shoots appearing on the trees, ahhh, it all feels wonderful and not having to do any work this weekend was even more pleasurable to be able to spend the weekend with Jam.

So, we decided to do some of the woodwork that needs to be done on our boat.  The boxing in of the pipework.  We started off by putting on some music, my turn to choose first, and we boogied like madmen, laughing and whooping til our cheeks hurt.  Then we set up the circular saw by the hatch so the sawdust would head out that way...(the hatch is closed here, we opened it obviously!)

We chopped up the wood for props along the big lengths, that was fun, what a tool, what a noise! I stood outside to make a quick call and Jam carried on chopping, whilst I suddenly found myself showered in sawdust! Great!

More chopping and measuring, Jam trying to explain the concept he had and me not quite understanding, wanting to just get on with it, but my leggings were too tight, so I went and changed into some baggy trouser legging things with sparkly leggings holding the bottoms in so I didn't rip them whilst doing the work - it was a very amusing outfit and made me giggle just looking down.  You can't actually see the outfit here, but you can see the bump ( that's for you Oli!)

We worked well together, taking turns in choosing the music and making tea, then as the work became a little more 'on the floor' orientated, I thought it best to get on with getting the dinner ready.  Jam was happy to get on with the job, I was equally as happy making the dinner, holding the odd plank of wood here and there.  For dinner we were having a roast chicken with a thai twist, I made a great sauce to marinade the chicken in, then another sauce to go with the chicken once cooked, lots of roast veggies and meringue, fruit and ice-cream for dessert ~ we were very satisfied!

No picture of dinner I'm afraid, but it was delicious and looked fabulous! Honest!

Our neighbour Paddy came over after a weeks trip away skiing and our cousin Pearl joined us for a right knees up, we ate, watched a movie, had a giggle, did some knitting, lots of chatting and laughing and felt content. 

What a lovely weekend!

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  1. Oh My God!!! Look at the squirrel! I can't believe it! Soo with I was there to give it (and you) a little pat... Aaaah...Sending you a massive hug! x x x