Friday, 29 January 2010

The Big Move

Well, this house moving is fun! The boat's all up and running now, the Heritage stove man came out and he was a 'problem-solver' rather than the regular engineer and he had tools with him that meant he could drill a hole into the tank and make sure the stove worked, instead of having to come out again. Hoorah for problem solvers!

What a difference the boat makes when it's warm! It actually feels like cheating not having to chop wood, forage for kindling and get the wood-burning stove going, but I think in my present state I can get used to it!

We'll need to get the electrician out though and work out how the batteries are operating for they are extremely noisy and the box is right beside our bed, so we need to get that sorted soon.

The main thing I'm finding with the slow process of moving things over bit by bit, is that lots of things are damp from the other boat. Two boxes of my Hidden album CD's are a little soggy - but I'm sure they'll dry out soon enough on this boat. I'm using them as part of a make-shift shelving unit. Jam's brilliant at finding useful things people leave outside as rubbish, true wombles we are, some lovely wood in a skip - that'll do nicely for the shelving thank you! Two little chairs, slightly damaged - perfect for the step base! Wonderful. I love it!

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